Monday, July 13, 2009


Hello and welcome. I'm starting this blog to share my journey as a faculty member in engineering and mom of 2 young children. I am currently an associate professor of engineering at a private research university. My goal with this blog is to seek and share encouragement for other women in the sciences and engineering. Names will be withheld to protect the innocent.

I will refer to my research as studying wombats (not the actual subject). Currently I'm working on summer research and mentoring my summer undergraduates, as well as several graduate students in engineering. I just completed a submission of my renewal for my NIH R01.

Now I'm collecting the odds and ends that remain on the summer to-do list (editing papers, reviewing manuscripts, grant rewrite for fall submission deadline) and trying to plan how to best accomplish them in the remain month and change of my summer.


  1. Good luck with the submission of renewal for your NIH R01!
    With younger children, you probably have to work even harder than those of us with older kids to balance work and family. Best wishes.

  2. Hi ME, two things really struck me in this opening post. If you ever are up for sharing some advice, I'd love to hear your insights on: (a) how you balanced starting a family in your early academic career, and (b) how to break into NIH funding as an engineer. The reason I ask is that (a) I am thinking of starting a family (currently a postdoc) and am scared silly about whether it will derail my professional plans, and (b) I've heard it's very difficult to get into the NIH system (highly political, very few engineers get funded, etc.). Thanks for the encouragement! I wish I could get as much mentoring in real life as I get in e-formats!