Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hanging by a thread

It's that time in the semester, nearing the end of classes, week after an enjoyable but not so productive holiday week, when grant deadlines abound, teaching responsibilities pile up, spouses are out of town and conference travel looms on the near horizon.  When I say, what the h(*& was I thinking when I agreed to do X for Prof. Y and my email inbox overflows.  Oh, and I agreed to host a seminar speaker this week!

Breath in, breath out.

Grant #1 finished.   Sponsor info for trainee's fellowship application done.  Major service responsibilities (largely done for the week).  Class for the week, done.  Spouse, home.  Seminar speaker, safely home.

I'm so looking forward to this conference next week from a scientific standpoint, although I'm feeling horribly guilty about being gone (my younger kiddo said Daddy (or Doggy??? hard to tell the difference) all the time while spouse was gone for a shorter trip.  Also, there is the whole Christmas thing and I need to start getting organized (e.g. shopping or at least online ordering).

When I leave for my conference next week, it will all be better right?    4 days of amazing science and beautiful scenery...  Now back to the list of things to do before I leave....

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