Friday, January 22, 2010

Just when you get your head above water

It's my fault... Yesterday I was blissfully thinking that things were moving in to a slightly less crazy phase of time.  My major service venture is 99% complete (and the remaining 1% is not on me).  I was moving at a leisurely pace on finishing my book chapter that was due 1 week ago.  I mean printing out the "final" references to read for my book chapter and re-tagging my notes.  I even took an evening to indulge in my favorite TV shows.  Then it hit, just as I was getting cocky, winter time illness (in kiddo #2).  He woke up happy, but those droopy eyes and flushed cheeks said "fever", and sure enough my instinct was right.  Morning meeting moved to a teleconference, trip to the ped (the dreaded "virus" diagnosis), etc.  By the way teleconferencing with two barking dogs and a toddler screaming "Mommy", whenever you put him down makes it hard to keep your train of thought (even with the mute button on), especially while your toddler is trying to edit important spreadsheets that you forgot to close and your collaborators didn't email you the meeting handouts (even though you specifically asked them to).  Ah, well, at least tomorrow is Saturday and hopefully the fever will be gone Monday, along with my jump on next week.  I did make it in during nap to interview a graduate school candidate (for another department) and only now am finding the remains of snack/lunch on my sweater.  (Mental note, change clothes first next time...)
Happy Friday and  hoping this is not the downward spiral of winter illness that kiddo #1 had around this age.

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