Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why are women the ones seeking balance?

I recently went to an NIH study section and there were several women on the panel.  It was great to see that many women, even though it meant lines in the ladies room during breaks.  We noted several things: (1) it was the women that were in a hurry to get home and were pushing to finish in time to make an earlier flight/train home, (2) I saw 4 study section members in the fitness center between 6-6:30 AM, and all were female.  I’m sure some of the men must work out right?  Now either they work out later (since they can get ready more quickly in the AM) or they don’t work out on the road because they have plenty of time at home to work out.  I find it funny, but I think these to observations exemplify how women work hard to balance their lives (generally harder than men).  I find it easier to work out on the road because I only have to get myself ready and out the door in the AM, and can wake up at the same time given no commute and no kids to get up.  Just some interesting observations….  
Also, the women had some very insightful comments and worked hard to keep things consistent across the whole set of grants.

Your thoughts?


  1. Why women are the ones seeking balance -- if I don't do the cooking we end up eating junk and that's expensive for a large family. No one but me notices how messy the house is either.

    Mostly though my house is messy and we eat junk but still I'm always seeking that elusive balance.

  2. Or 3: they don't work out at all, since their expanding bellies will never be mistaken for a pregnancy!

  3. I totally relate to Anonymous! So, true!